Sunday, February 18, 2007

Where am i?!

Stuck at Arlanda Airport (Stockholm), trying to kill time waiting for my delayed BA flight...

At least there's cheap internet access, although trying to find the @ sign on a Swedish keyboard took a while. And theres been a lot of deleting when I keep finding the strange Sewdish vowels (ö, ä, å) by accident.

On my return: a review of the yarn and craft stores I managed to find in Stcokholm (2 yarn shops located within my first 2 hours there, but I had cheated with some web searching!) and some pictures of a bored monkey in the duty free shop at the airport...

In the meantime, I'd better check whether I'm ever going to get home!

(p.s. at least it is possible to take crochet on the plane, if not knitting :-) )


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