Friday, October 13, 2006

A short wish list

So, I have two specific things I’d like to find yarn for tomorrow (so much for not adding to the stash and just using what I’ve got):

Clapotis – not necessarily using what is recommended, I have a couple of ideas, but mainly want to see what I find.

The Seraphim Shawl – I haven’t bought the pattern yet, but I like the idea that this one is composed stockinette on the top bit, with lace at the bottom – warm, and a nice way to practice (I hope).

I'll also be looking for some green and blue cotton fabrics for a potential quilting project. I've looked on the web, but I'm much more comfortable with looking at colours 'in person' so I can really get a feeling for them.

As for the baby kimono, after another nice sunny lunch break, I’ve on the home strait – just another 4 inches or so to do on the right front, and then ribbon or something else to find for the closure. Hoping that my friend doesn’t have the baby any earlier than planned, but so far on her first day of maternity leave she has cleaned the house and attempted to mow the lawn. She just doesn’t know when to stop!


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