Tuesday, February 06, 2007

What's the focus?

I read quite a few blogs, and recently I've been interested to note the differences in what people choose to write about. I've been particularly struck by a few thoughtful posts - namely the Keyboard Biologist writing about resolutions and Crazy Aunt Purl discussing choosing to be healthy: both subjects have struck a cord with me and the way I deal with things in life. All topped off by an amazing piece by a friend who has recently returned to the UK after 6 months living in Ecuador. These are excellent pieces of writing, which make me wonder - could I do that?

I'm amazed by the idea of blogging, but haven't quite figured out the logistics of fitting it into daily life - alongside work, home, spending time with my boyfriend (partner? other half? - can't quite get my head around which is the best description) and also squeezing in time to knit and make all the other things that are on my list! This blog could end up just being a load of pictures of things I've made - a potentially valuable resource for me - or I could try to make it something more interesting (though I'm not really sure how interesting anyone else would find my life!)

For now, maybe a mixture. If I can get used to the idea of jotting down thoughts and making time to write about things, who knows...


Anonymous Shirley said...

Funny who you find online...

Looking forward to your future posts.


3:06 pm  

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