Friday, September 01, 2006

The difficult second post...

So… You start a blog – as a result of reading loads of others (when you should be working!) and then… what do you write?! I’m not a prolific crafter – so progress of ‘half a 6”x6” square last night!!’ isn’t going to be entirely fascinating, is it? Ah well, lets just give it a go and see how things progress… (Oh, and the only digital camera I have is on my mobile phone, so this could be a little lacking in photos for a while – hoping to resolve that one at Christmas)

As suggested in the blog title, I’m a great one for starting projects, but when it comes to the knitting and crochet I think I could count on the fingers of one hand the number I’ve actually finished! Saying that, I’ve only really got back into this kind of things in the past year/18 months, having previously been preoccupied with excessive years in education and lab work. Now happily (well, reasonably happily) ensconced in an office job where I spend all day sat in front of a computer, doing something creative of an evening is the perfect antidote. And also the awkward sod in me likes it because of the puzzled reaction so many people have to the idea that I find knitting fun – it’s not just for old ladies folks – haven’t you heard?!

When it comes to the sewing side of things, I’ve been a little more successful, possibly in part because it’s so much quicker to do for me. Recently completed projects include roll-up holders for my knitting needles (one for straights and one for DPNs/circulars – did I forget to mention that I’m a bit of a compulsive shopper and my subconscious seems to be under the impression that if I have endless supplies, I’ll achieve more, when the reverse is probably true?) and one for my crochet hooks. I’ve also made all the curtains in my flat and a couple of other bits and pieces. The latest thing I’m planning to start there is a patchwork blanket for the soon to arrive baby of a friend.

So, what with that and the knitted blanket I’m also working on (about a third of the way through at the moment), and the baby due at the end of October – not a problem, right? If I don’t bother coming to work for a couple of weeks that is! (Oh, forgot to mention the tiny detail of some corrections I need to do on an old piece of work that will mean I salvage something out of 3 ½ years of blood sweat and tears in the lab, rather than ending up with nothing but a big gap in my CV – but that’s another story…)

Perhaps next time I’ll try to figure out exactly what projects I have in progress/have purchased stash for/have promised I’ll get finished for someone. The blog as a means of getting projects under control? Now there’s a novel one…


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