Thursday, October 05, 2006

Resolution: must post more often.

Going on holiday is great, but when you're trying to get into a new habit, it can be somewhat disruptive. But there we go.

Cornwall was great, very relaxing, and the weddings were fun (even while wearing my veryred (TM) bridesmaid's dress!) but I'm all wedding'd out now. Don't think there are anymore on the horizon, which is a relief.

This has to be quick, as I'm at work, but the startitis continues...

1 crochet blanket nearly finished: almost all of the ends weaved in, just those of the border to do now. This one is for a work colleague. When she went on maternity leave, I presented her with a gift-bag full of squares, yet to be sewn together, and the promise that I woul dget it finished as soon as I could. Baby is now 2 weeks old, so the pressure is on. The finished article is a bit small, but so are babies. Apparently.

3 more squares of knitted baby blanket done, but I've lost track of how many that is in total (aiming for 36). For my oldest friend, who is due at the end of this month. Think this may end up as a Christmas present.

1 knitted ripple baby blanket cast on: another work colleague having a baby! Not until February thankfully, but I wanted to get started on it.

1 baby kimono cast-on (in lieu of finishing aforementioned knitted baby blanket for my friend - hoping this will be finished in a week or so if I can stick at it). Pattern is from Mason Dixon Knitting, a recent acquisition, and an excellent book. Trying to stop myself casting on for a log-cabin blanket until I've finished another project. Though I have bought some cotton in order to make a dish cloth. Can't help but stash sometimes!

2 balls of wool purchased for a new hat for me (there's a chill in the air): Rowan Cashsoft Aran in 'Mist', pattern of my own design (to be determined). I hear grey is the colour of the season, so an opportunity to make something of my own and be a bit trendy. This is sooooo soft and cosy, I'd love a scarf to match, but cost may be a factor there. Will see how the hat goes. This will also be my first attempt at knitting on DPNs, so wish me luck!

Next week is the knitting and stitching show (as mentioned before) - hurray! Going to think about a few items I'd really like to make, and aim to find appropriate yarn. But I will probably buy random stuff as well ;-)

Ok, back to work...


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