Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Going back in time a little, I'll cover my trip to Stockholm and a few details of my explorations!
Stockholm has to be one of my favourite cities, and I've been lucky enough to visit three times now. It's not a cheap city, so having a friend whose floor you can sleep on is very helpful! This was my first trip in winter, and I was hoping for the full Scandinavian winter experience, but alas, it was not to be - I managed to visit on one of the warmest weekends they'd experienced in months, so there was a lot of slush and not much snow - and not much need for the toasty hats and scarves I'd squeezed into my little suitcase either. I did, however, get to walk on a frozen lake, which was quite fun! (the tracks you can see are from cross country ice skates, which I'd never seen before)

I also got to explore some yarn shops and managed limit myself to one purchase (well, it would have been rude not to buy anything at all...)
I went here:

I can't quite figure out what this shop is called, its either Sticka, or This Side Up, but anyway, their website is here. A lovely shop, and the place where I bought this:

There was also another shop just down the road with some lovely stuff that looked to be hand spun/dyed - but I resisted!

We popped in to the yarn section in NK, which seemed to carry a lot of Rowan etc, so not much use to me, though it did look like a good selection, and toured some of the bead shops on Sodermalm. I have a feeling there might have been some yarn shops there too, but we couldn't find them (despite trying!). Finally, we visited Panduro Hobby (UK website here) where I picked up some little label holders which I intend to use on the side of the Ikea boxes that hold a lot of my stash. When I get around to being organised of course!

On the way home on Sunday afternoon, we happened upon another shop on the square where my friend catches the bus every day - which she'd never noticed before (no idea how, it was pretty big!) but unfortunately it had already closed. Oh well, will have to save that for my next visit!

As mentioned in my previous post, my flight home was delayed, so I whiled away some time chasing Bell Bottomed monkey around the airport while he misbehaved:

And that was about it for February, from what I can remember. Well, it was four months ago!



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