Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Yet another technique to add to the repertoire?

Having tackled quite a couple of lace projects (and with one stalled on the needles - made a mistake and haven't had the time to sit down and figure out how to fix it), last night I decided to try another technique - entrelac.

My Stitch 'n Bitch page a day calendar had a pattern for a small bag in Noro Silk Garden back in March, which I thought looked like a good introduction to entrelac. I procured a couple of balls of said Silk Garden in colour 226 (a mix of blues, greys and purples) and added this to my long list of future projects. And then forgot about it.

Last weekend was mainly spend tidying up the flat for an impending parental visit (stand by your beds...) and I took some time to tidy the project baskets at my end of the sofa, during which I found the Silk Garden again. A bit more tidying unearthed the pattern, so now I'm good to go. I got onto the second row last night before making a mistake that I just couldn't figure out, and deciding that the bag was going to be too small to carry around the basics (purse, phone, keys) and needed to be a bit wider, so I frogged it and started again. I was hoping to get a bit done at lunchtime, so I took a picture of it with my phone to show the before...

...with the intention that a noticeable amount of progress woudl be achieved by the end of lunch. Some chance! I tried to Bluetooth the image from my phone to my swanky new work laptop, and ended up spending my whole lunchbreak trying to figure out how to get that to work! Turns out I needed to install some Nokia software so that they could recognise each other, so no 'after' picture today. Isn't technology great?

Perhaps some progress tomorrow...


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