Tuesday, July 24, 2007


The first week of June was a haze of writing handover notes for my old job (despite there being nobody to hand things over to... they haven't got around to recruiting yet...) and leaving. Everyone told me it would feel really strange to leave after over two and a half years, but all I felt was relief. And pleasure at having been able to wangle a good leaving gift through a quiet word in the ear of a good colleague...

Liberty gift tokens (real coins, none of your paper slip rubbish!) and a Liberty hankie (to make up the money I think). Didn't get much of a send-off as a lot of people were away, but can't say I'm that bothered to be honest!

Took a couple of days off before I started the new job, sorted out some wedding stuff (venue, register office stuff and found a possible shop to get my frock from...) and then started the new job, which I am travelling to by bike! Taking a bit of getting used to as I've not had much exercise for a while, but I'm actually really enjoying it (and the new job, thankfully).

Also started knitting Kiri, my first time using Kidsilk Haze (in heavenly), and despite all I've heard about it (the KSH) I'm actually getting on ok with it - 9 repeats completed so far, and into the stretch where it takes a while to get each row done.

The end of June also included a trip to the Liberty sale, but more on that at a later date...

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