Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I was happy to find that most shops in Tallinn open on Sundays, so we did a bit of a tour and picked up a few bits and pieces...

There is a large shopping centre in Tallinn - I think it was the Viru Centre - and in the basement we found our first shop. No purchases, but worth a look, they just didn't have anything I wanted at the time.

Just on the Town Hall Square, we found this shop:

Where I purchased this yarn:

On Niguliste, we found another shop selling traditional Estonian knitting and more wool:

Picked up a few more bits and pieces there:

And as I mentioned before, on Saturday we found a shop on Narva Mnt where I picked up some bargain rate laceweight - it worked out at about £3 a skein! In fact, all of my purchases were absolute bargains, I spent about £30 in total, and brought home quite a haul!

Tallinn also has loads of places selling traditional knitting, including a whole street full of stalls on Muurvahle (no idea how to add umlauts on blogger unfortunately)

So, that was a great trip.

The rest of the month passed in a blur of telling people about our engagement, with the added highlight of my birthday, a job interview, visiting baby P and family (including a trip to Monkey World - highly recommended) and...

... being offered a new job and being able to hand in my notice! Woohoo!



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