Friday, November 02, 2007

A is for...


I spent a long time (or so it felt) in academia - and when I left I thought I'd seen the back of it. Three years undergraduate, almost four years postgraduate, and by the end of that time I'd had enough. I'm not cut out for working in the lab, so I ran away to a life of science policy - thinking that was the thing for me. Well, it turns out I'm still figuring out what's right, and that process of figuring out has taken me back to... you've guessed it - academia! The difference being, I no longer have to work in a lab, and I get to smile to myself as I watch the latest batch of unsuspecting PhD students begin their research...

On the plus side, my MPhil certificate arrived last week, and one of the signatures is that of my old uni's new chancellor, Floella Benjamin. All my friends are going to think I made it up. (This is likely to be a UK specific joke, limited to a certain age range - I've told a few people at work and received blank looks as the majority of people here are from abroad!)

As for the rest of life, Lady Eleanor is progressing well, I've started umpteen new projects, spent a small fortune at Ally Pally and Get Knitted, wasted a lot of time on Ravelry and bought a new bed. Life is good :-)



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