Monday, November 05, 2007

D is for...


So, it's actually over a month since my trip to London, but I've only just got around to posting about it. Oh well!

I only had one day to look around, but I liked Dublin and I hope to go back. I was amazed at how small the place is, given it is a capital city - but then when you realise that the whole of Eire has a population of something like 4 million, and London itself has about 7 million, that puts things into perspective. It being a catholic country, Sunday shopping options were a bit limited too. I'd hunted the internet for yarn shops, but most I found were unfortunately closed - including this one, which looked interesting:

I had a bit more success at Hickeys, which focuses more on fabrics (if only I'd had more than hand luggage to carry things in!)

They do have a selection of yarns in the basement - mostly the usual uninspiring acrylic mixes, but I managed to pick some lovely Kilcarra Aran tweed in a heathery purple:

And i just had to get a shot of their fantastic window dressing:

After finding some yarn to take home and hobbling around the city for as long as I could manage (given my huge blisters), I headed to the airport. They made me take off my shoes at security and I left them off for the rest of the journey home. That's right, I got one the plane, off the plane, went through Heathrow airport, got on the tube, changed at Green Park onto another line and got to my station all in my socks. Can you imagine the looks I got for that? Even in London I don't think you see all that many people travelling on the tube in socks...

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