Sunday, November 04, 2007

C is for...


This is what got me back into the whole world of crafting - good old crochet. About 2.5/3 years ago, I saw a woman on the bus crocheting a small circular motif. Having handed in my thesis, and thus having a bit of time on my hands, I thought "Hmmm... I could probably do that!" bought some yarn and a couple of books, had a bit of a look on the internet and started my first attempt - a chunky piece in blue acrylic which mysteriously turned into a triangle.

First lesson - that is what turning chains are for! I got my hands on the book '200 crochet squares' and decided that my first project would be an afghan made of a mixture of squares, in browns and naturals - to match the colour ideas I had for when I finally got a place of my own and was able to decorate it (yes, I plan that far ahead, and yes, my lounge is now brown/soft coffee/dark red!). So far I have about 8 squares - that book is great to look at, but I think it has a few errors, and all of the squares turned out completely different sizes!

Since then I have taught myself to hold the hook and yarn properly (at first I held it like I was knitting, not surprising as that was what I learnt first over 20 years ago) and not made much progress on the afghan. One day though...

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